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Autumn 2011

You “Orca” be careful…classic! – December 2011

Sun Newspaper "You "ORCA" be careful"

Sun Newspaper "You "ORCA" be careful"

Brinicle goes global – November 2011

On youtube over 5 million hits in 5 days for Hugh Miller and my Brinicle sequence from Mcmurdo for Frozen Planet Programme 5! People are digging the “icy finger of death”!

Final product – 26th Oct 2011

Finally Frozen Planet started its UK transmission last night.  I spent the night with the team watching it live in Bristol.  Just a great experience being with so many of the people involved.  And great to see so many of the other cameramen there.  Huge thanks to Vanessa and Alastair for putting on a really good party.

And here is the Killer wave washing on the Antarctic Penninsula that me and Doug Allan Shot in 2009. I’m guessing this is not international sorry.

Frozen Trailer – 20th Oct 2011

Sorry I doubt this is open to view internationally.