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Grand day out! 25th Nov 2009

Lots of this job I do requires trust. Trusting the skills of the people I work with to keep me safe.  And they must trust me too.  Today was all about trust.  Today we went diving in a Helicopter.  There were four of us – me, Hugh my assistant, Steve a diver from the base and Kathryn our producer.  We packed the Bell 212 early and flew 105 miles to Granite harbour.  Once we got there we had three minutes to fly around and find a crack or a hole to dive through – the helicopter just didn’t have the fuel for more time.  We touched down and the crew dumped us and the gear on the ice.  The helicopter took off and left us.  We found a seal hole just big enough to get through with the filming equipment.   My assistant Hugh and I got our gear on and dived in.  We spend over 3 hours in the water.  Nine hours after it had dropped us off the helicopter came back.  We packed our gear and flew back to Macmurdo.  Days like today don’t happen without everyone involved having the absolute highest skill-sets.  But thats not enough.  There was no way to make today risk free. No amount of paper work could make it totally safe.  We had to trust each other.  We did and together pulled off the single most exhilarating days diving of my life.