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The boy with too many amulets – 2nd July 2009

Finns Polar Bear Amulet

Finn's Amulet© Doug Anderson

Today Louise – our cook – told me a story.  It was about a boy that lived in Igoolik long ago.  He was about 3 years old when his father died out on the sea-ice.  His mother became very protective of him and started making amulets (little good luck figurines often carved out of walrus tooth and worn on a string round the neck).  Each day she put a new one on him when he went out to play.  Soon he was covered in so many amulets he could hardly walk. He became known as the boy with too many amulets.  In the evening our guide Simon gave me an amulet for my boy Finn who is also 3.  It’s a polar bear head carved out of a walrus tooth.  Louise says now Finn can be the boy with just the right amount of amulets.