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Fish might fly – 8th April 2009

A big thanks to Barry and Alex on the “Hogsnapper” for a sweeeeeeeet trip.  Special thanks to Barry for getting my producer back to the hotel on the last night’s festivities in Scarborough – It would have taken at bit of explaining at the BBC if we lost him completely.  The fishermen delivered us a classic little sequence.  The Flying fish went off.  We were mainly filming spawning.  The fish spawn sticky eggs onto anything floating – usually floating bits of palm frond.  One night the boys put us in such a good spot we had to move.  There were so many fish they started spawning on the rudder and propeller of the boat.  They stuck on a 400 pound egg mass in just 20 minutes. Had we not moved they would have sunk us!  Ended up getting some some lovely flying at 1000 frames a second (slowed down 40x).  Such a beautiful way to finish the filming of the “Life” series.  It’s been quite an adventure – 15 trips over 2 years.  Now a bit of time R&R then full tilt on the next series “Frozen Planet”.  It’s gonna get a bit chilly.